Monitoring And Supervisory Control

automated systems

Designed for operational control and operation modes analysis of the grid (energy company, power plant, substation, enterprises, railway) by dispatcher personnel.

  • Providing the dispatching staff with current, retrospective parameters of the grid. Also monitoring the mode of switchgear and non-electrical parameters (such as temperature, pressure, transformer voltage regulators mode etc). The representation is provided in convenient form of a scheme, table, graph or report;
  • Emergency alarm and events notification;
  • Switchgear and transformer voltage regulation control;
  • Providing full dispatching support including: dispatch schedule, energy balances, control of operating capacity, flow control, power outage control, phase current levels control, portable grounding management etc.


automated systems

Automated process control system (APCS) for substation.

APCS is an integrated hierarchical control system designed for managing and monitoring of 35–750 kV substations.

APCS is part of the automated dispatch control system (ADCS) and provides a solution of industrial and process control transmission, transformation and distribution of electricity.

Energy accounting

automated systems

Commercial and technical electricity metering system .

The system is designed to determine the quantity and to perform resulting flow control of produced and supplied energy. The system is used for payment calculations with generating companies, supplying organizations and customers. The system controls flow balance, balance in general, all network elements, load control, provides control regimes and safe ecological consumption accounting.

Quality control

automated systems

Automated electricity quality control system (AEQCS).

The system is designed for continuous electricity quality monitoring and the output values recording, ensuring them to be within given bounds. The system provides monitoring of indicators and standards in accordance to GOST 13109–97.

The system can also be configured for monitoring performance and standards of quality according to EN50160 European standard for all controlled units or partly.

Implementation of this system allows the operator reliably determine the facts quality misfit. The associated deterioration reason can be also located.

In addition, the system allows you to set the amount of received (tempered) poor energy for the claims formation.