Compressor stations

Equipment, additional equipment

For normal functioning of the compressor station, you need a range of auxiliary equipment. The best choice — entrust us with complete equipment integration.

Based on customer requirements, our specialists will select additional equipment for the compressor and booster station.

  • separator unit;
  • gas coolers;
  • installation of fuel preparation, launch and impulse gas;
  • gas cleaning unit;
  • pressure reduction of gas;
  • impulse gas drying and storage unit;
  • air compressor.

Gas coolers
designed to cool the process gas after compression.

The cleaning unit
designed for filtering off residual condensed moisture and solids of the gas (particle size over 10 microns. The cleaning efficiency is 99%).

Pressure reduction of gas
this is used for reducing the gas pressure at the output by reducing the flow of gas using pressure regulators.

Gas heater unit
this functions to raise the temperature of gas to level that is required under the terms of the process. This is done with the heat generated during combustion of fuel gas.