Compressor stations

Design, construction, modernization

Stationary gas compressor station is the largest site of any pipeline. This CS can consist of one or more departments that perform a number of functions.

One of the directions of our activity is the design, construction and modernization of the booster stations (BS) and linear compressor stations (CS).

Along with increasing the capacity of the gas pipeline and pumping gas into underground storage facilities, compressor station filters, cools and compresses natural gas.

Our client gets modern, integrated equipment, which includes:

  • compressor shop (or several shops, according to the project);
  • operation equipment;
  • power and heat supply systems;
  • equipment for water supply (fire and household needs);
  • a system of communication and dispatcher station;
  • electrical equipment;
  • cooling gas station;
  • filtering system of transported gas.

Completed projects

In the list of completed reconstruction projects are Ukrainian sites:
BS “Bilche-Volitsa”, BS “Opary”, CS “Rohatyn”, CS “Berdichev”, CS “Krasilov”, CS “Kirovograd”, CS “Uzhgorod”, CS “Dolyna”, CS “Volovets”, CS “Talnoe”, CS “Bar”, CS “Aleksandrovka”, CS “Gusyatin”, CS “Gysin”, CS “Hust”, CS “Ananiev”, CS “Orlovka”, CS “Stavischenskaya”, CS “Rososh”.
and international:
CS “Kirpichli”, CS “Nayip”, CS “Drochia”, CS “Vulkaneshty” (Moldova), CS “Al. Guy” (Russia).


Compressor shop at BS “Opary” — 4 GPA-C-6,3 produced by “SMNPO Frunze” with gas turbine engines D-336-2 produced by JSC “Motor Sich”.

We have produced, installed and set-up shop automation based on Siemens PLCs; all process control sensors are replaced as well as cables and wires. Fuel gas supply system, gas fire suppression system and alarm system were also replaced.