Integrated solutions

Our company is a leader in developing and implementing solutions for the automatic control systems in Ukraine. For a long time we have operated in other markets are not as active as we would like. And finally, last year brought us to the main goal — the creation of an international construction and engineering company providing integrated solutions for oil and gas industry.

Today, we are ready to provide a complete solution for the construction of compressor stations, gas pipelines, gas metering stations, gas distribution stations, underground gas storage facilities and equipment.

Nowadays, the level of integrity of provided solution is the major factor in the competitiveness of the engineering company.

Integrated solution includes:

  • collection of preliminary data;
  • design;
  • selection, production, supply of equipment;
  • construction, installation and commissioning.


  • collecting preliminary data on existing buildings and infrastructure, getting the technical conditions for connection to external communications;
  • collecting data to develop measures for environmental protection, work safety, a declaration of industrial safety, civil defense and emergencies, energy conservation;
  • topographic surveys;
  • geotechnical and hydrological investigations for construction.


  • working with the client and the harmonization of technical tasks;
  • the development of foundational technical solutions based on advanced science and technology;
  • development of construction documents in accordance with the requirements of existing regulations;
  • support and approval of project documentation.


  • construction work;
  • installation of process equipment;
  • installation of equipment;
  • installation and commissioning of ACS;
  • start-up operations;
  • commissioning.


  • training of staff;
  • after-sales service.